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Product Line and Features 

Zinc Alloy Plating

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc-Nickel Plating 
High-Nickel AHN 2600 Alkaline Rack & Barrel System
Trimate Black ZNI Trivalent Black Chromate
Trimate 140 Clear Irredescent Chromate
Acid Zinc Nickel Barrel System High Nickel AZN 920
Trimate Black ZNI Trivalent Black Chromate

Tin-Zinc Plating

K    TZ 962 Rack & Barrel
Trimate 124 Trivalent Chromate                 

AKV  Rack or Barrel Plating system 
Trimate 512V Trivalent Clear Chromate
Trimate Black ZF
Tri Yellow 120 Trivalent Yellow 

Zinc Plating

Acid Zinc Plating
939 Black or Barrel Zinc System 
Triblue 120 Trivalent Clear
Tri Yellow 120 Trivalent Yellow

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating
ANZ-989 Rack and Barrel Plating System
Triblue 120 Trivalent Clear

Cyanide Zinc Plating Rack and Barrel

KCZ 958
KCZ 968 

Trivalent Chromate for Zinc
Triblue Trivalent Blue Bright 
NO OX Trivalent Blue Bright
Triblue 120 Trivalent Blue Bright 
TC 3 Trivalent Blue Bright 
Trivalent Black Trimate Black A,B,& C
Trivalent Yellow 120 Tri Yellow A & B

Topcoats For All Plated Coatings

KTS 305 L Topcoat
CC 728 Topcoat
KTS 359 L Topcoat

KTS 315 Topcoat
KTE 355 Topcoat & Torque Enhancer        

Electroless Nickel Plating Additives 

KEN 2070 High Phosphorous plating system

Zinc Phosphate Coating Systems

Heavy Zinc Phosphate 7200 ZP
Medium Zinc Phosphate 7100 ZP                                 
Oil Kimya 3010 Oil

Alkaline Cleaners 

KSE 681 DP Soak Cleaner
KS 609 L Soak Cleaner
KS 657 LH Soak Cleaner
KS 624 Soak Cleaner
KE 659 L Electrocleaner

KE 510 M Electrocleaner

KSE 610L Soak & Electrocleaner

KE 699 EC Electrocleaner

KE 568 Electrocleaner

KE 670 ZB Electrocleaner

The above products are just a few of the cleaners that are available from KIMYA Products, Inc. There are many others available for all types of applications such as soak, electro clean, spray wash cleaning for use on all metals. 

Zinc Alloy Plating

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc-Nickel Plating
High - Nickel Zinc Nickel KIMYA AHN 2600 Rack and Barrel is the latest technology of alkaline non-cyanide, zinc-nickel alloy plating processes. The process was designed to produce an excellent uniformity of alloy composition containing 12-15% nickel which produces an even thickness, regardless of plating current density. The deposit provides excellent thermal and corrosion resistance, a most superior alloy among the zinc alloy plating processes.

KIMYA Trimate 140 Clear Chromate is a single dip chromate conversion coating used to produce a clear iridescent film on High Zinc-Nickel (12-15% Ni ) rack and barrel applications.

KIMYA Trimate Black ZNI Chromate is formulated to produce a uniform deep, black chromate conversion coating on High Zinc-Nickel (12-15% Ni) rack and barrel applications. KIMYA KTS 305 L topcoat is used for the increased corrosion resistance and enables the KIMYA AHN 2600 process to achieve salt spray results that exceed 1000 hrs to red rust.  KIMYA KTE 355 is a topcoat that contains a torque enhancer when used at correct concentration  meets the torque tension requirements on current automotive specifications. 

Tin-Zinc Plating

KIMYA KTZ 962 Rack and Barrel is a near neutral tin-zinc alloy plating process, designed to produce highly corrosion resistant coatings, good solder ability characteristics and ductility. The KTZ 962 System is easy to control and maintain, and produces a uniform alloy. KIMYA Trimate 124 trivalent chromate is a clear passivation material that enhances the corrosion resistance of the KIMYA KTZ 962 tin-zinc alloy plating system.

Zinc Iron Alloy Plating

KIMYA KZI 998 is an alkaline type, cyanide free, zinc-iron alloy electroplating process. The deposit consists of a uniform bright zinc iron alloy coating which produces salt spray results to red rust in excess of 500 hours . The deposit can produce an even bright black finish using a trivalent chromate without silver.           

ZINC Plating Baths

Acid Zinc Plating
KIMYA 939 Acid Chloride Zinc Plating System is a versatile Acid Chloride Zinc Plating which offers outstanding performance in both rack and barrel applications. It may be used with all Potassium Chloride as well as with mixed solution of Potassium-Ammonium Chloride. This material is currently approved for GMW 3044 applications.

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating
KIMYA ANZ 979 is an alkaline non-cyanide zinc brightener system with excellent leveling characteristics and a wide plating range. Can be used for both rack and barrel applications. KIMYA KZR 999 is a zinc metal concentrate used for the make-up of alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating baths. It offers the convenience of a ready-to-use bath, avoiding the hazards associated with dissolving of zinc in caustic. KIMYA KZR 999 can also be used for maintenance additions when an increase in zinc content in a plating bath is needed.

Cyanide Zinc Plating System

KIMYA KCZ 958 is a single additive brightener system for use in low ,mid and high cyanide plating baths. It produces brilliant ductile deposits.

KIMYA KCZ 968 is similar to KCZ 958 but also can be used for high current density barrel applications and where high temperature tolerance is required.

Zinc Phosphate Coating System

KIMYA 7200 ZP is a heavy immersion zinc phosphate that meets all automotive specifications and is approved for Chrysler PS 80.Provides excellent corrosion protection when used with an emulsion oil or oil and wax. It provides a coating weight in excess of 2000 mg/ft2

KIMYA 7100 ZP is medium to heavy immersion zinc phosphate which is buffered to provide a high tolerance for iron in solution. This enables the Kimya 7100 ZP to produce a consistent coating over a wide range of operating parameters. Coating weights range from 1000 to 2600 mg/ft2

KIMYA 3010 Oil is a water emulsified oil used on top of zinc phosphate steel parts to meet salt spray requirements of 96 hours and up.

Chromates for Zinc Plating

Trivalent Blue Bright
KIMYA TC 3 is a trivalent passivate which provides a clear blue chromate conversion coating on electroplated zinc. KIMYA TC 3 provides up to 24 to 36 hours corrosion protection.

KIMYA TRIBLUE trivalent chromium passivation is used on alkaline and chloride zinc deposits. It produces a blue bright finish that can be baked after chromate without effecting the finish or the corrosion resistance. Up to 72 hours in salt spray before white corrosion.

KIMYA NO OX is formulated to produce an excellent corrosion resistant, blue-bright chromate conversion coating on all zinc deposits, especially for zinc barrel plating. It provides over 72 hours to white corrosion in a 5% neutral salt spray test (ASTM B-117).

KIMYA TRIBLUE 120 is a trivalent chromium passivate that will achieve up to 120 hours to white corrosion in neutral salt spray. When used with Kimya topcoats will meet or exceed the requirements of 120 hours to white corrosion that is required on automotive specifications.

KIMYA TRI YELLOW 120 is a unique trivalent chrome conversion coating for alkaline, chloride and cyanide zinc electrodeposits. It produces a polished, yellow coating similar to that obtained from hexavalent chrome formulations and provides excellent corrosion resistance. The solution remains very stable and produces a repeatable finish even after short intervals of non operation.


KIMYA KS 500 N is a concentrated heavy duty soak cleaner formulated for removal of heavy grease, oil, shop dirt from steel, copper and brass. It is designed to tolerate large amounts of emulsified oil without losing its effectiveness. It can be used for barrel or rack applications with or without mild air agitation, or solution movement.

KIMYA KE 510 M is a highly alkaline, high current density electro cleaner for steel. It is well fortified with special additives to condition a variety of steel surfaces prior to electroplating.

KIMYA KS 609 L is a non-phosphated, silicated, liquid alkaline soak cleaner formulated to remove forming compounds and corrosion-preventive oils from steel, cast iron, copper, and brass. It operates over a wide temperature and concentration range, and is free rinsing. It provides excellent detergency for removal of many types of soil.

KIMYA KE 659 L is a non-phosphated, non-silicated liquid alkaline electro cleaner that is designed to provide high conductivity and detergency in electro cleaning applications. The detergency and conductivity of the solution aids in the removal of residual forming compounds and corrosion preventative oils that are left on the surface of steel after the soak cleaning application. It operates over a wide temperature and concentration range that can be varied to conform to most cleaning situations. The surfactant system in it is very soluble and free rinsing when used in the recommended concentration and temperature ranges.

KIMYA KS 657-LH is a mildly alkaline, non-silicated, non-etch, liquid soak cleaner for aluminum and its alloys. It has been specifically formulated to remove various process oils and shop dirt without harmful effect on the surface and without attack on the underlying metal. Although formulated for aluminum, It can be used to soak clean all metals.

KIMYA KE 670 ZB is a concentrated liquid blend of alkalis and surface active agents specifically designed as an electro cleaner for all types of zinc base alloys for rack & barrel application. Its cleaning action effectively conditions the base zinc metal prior to acid activation. It can also be used to electro clean other metals.

KIMYA KSE 681 DP is an extremely effective alkaline soak and electro cleaner for steel and copper, especially suited for barrel processing of parts. It may be used for either barrel or rack applications

KIMYA KE 699 EC is a highly concentrated blend of strong alkalies and conditioning agents. It is effectively used in barrel, rack, and continuous strip plating lines. It meets the requirements for high conductivity electro cleaning in rack applications.

KIMYA KSE 610 L Alkaline Soak and Electro Cleaner is a high quality detergent capable of removing many types of oils and rusts. It is an economical product for the pre-treatment of plating or phosphating because rusts and oils can be removed in one single operation. It may also be used for cleaning of ferrous metals and light metals.

KIMYA 624 L Heavy Duty Alkaline Soak Cleaner is a concentrated liquid heavy-duty soak cleaner used for removal of heavy grease, oil, shop dirt from steel, copper and brass. Can be used for barrel or rack applications with or without mild air agitation, or solution movement.
KIMYA KD 595 L is a blend of strong alkalis and carefully selected sequestrants, which have excellent desmutting, scale removal and de-rusting properties. It also effectively removes tacky compounds and fines produced in drawing processes.

KIMYA KD 689 L is a electrocleanr designed for rack and barrel applications. It is a concentrated blend of strong alkalis.

Products for Aluminum Finishing

KIMYA BUFF-X AF is a mildly alkaline soak cleaner developed for removing bar and liquid buffing compound residues from zinc die castings, aluminum, brass, and bronze. It can be used with or without ultrasonics.

KIMYA KE 190-AL is an acid etch-deoxidizer for aluminum and its alloys. It is particularly effective on buffed aluminum castings. It will emulsify residual soils and provide a very mild etch, thereby removing surface oxides. The product is formulated to simultaneously prevent smut formation on the surface.

KIMYA KS 558 A - Aluminum, because of its active nature, is easily corroded by water, humidity in the air, fingerprints, etc. Such surface corrosions readily react with the usual non-etch cleaners and give rise to surface attack by the cleaner or react with the cleaner to form films that are resistant to subsequent alkaline etch treatments. The net result of corrosion products reacting with the cleaner is that a splotchy surface condition results, which is emphasized more strongly by later caustic etching and anodizing. KIMYA 558-A has a surfactant blend that cleans aluminum effectively and leaves an oil free surface eliminating any surface attack on the aluminum

KIMYA 589-M is a mildly alkaline, non-silicate, non-etch soak cleaner for aluminum and its alloys. It has been specifically formulated to remove various process oils, including sulfurized oil and shop dirt without harmful effects on the surface and without attack on the underlying metal. Although formulated for aluminum, it can be used to soak clean all metals.

KIMYA KS 587 A is a moderately alkaline powdered blend especially designed for use as a soak cleaner for sensitive metals, but is highly effective for all metals. Its surfactant package makes it an excellent all around soak cleaner. It is effective on all of the usual shop soils.

KIMYA KS 657-LH is a mildly alkaline, non-silicated, \non-etch, liquid soak cleaner for
   aluminum and its alloys. It has been specifically formulated to remove various process oils and shop dirt without harmful effect on the surface and without attack on the underlying metal. Although formulated for aluminum, it can be used to soak clean all metals.

Aluminum Etchants
KIMYA ETCH 2 E is a special alkaline blend containing detergents and other surface active\agents which will produce clean, uniform finishes on all aluminum surfaces. It eliminates problems of micro-corrosion by avoiding mottled or uneven surfaces and reducing costly rejects, especially in plating applications. The process consists of a multi-action cycle which will clean, etch and remove smut on aluminum surfaces producing excellent, uniform results with negligible rejects.

KIMYA 530 R is a highly alkaline powdered etchant for aluminum and its alloys. It is especially formulated to maintain a constant etching rate and may be used wherever an alkaline etch cleaner is needed.

Aluminum Desmutters
KIMYA KAD 203-A is a non-chromated, highly acidic, liquid, which when diluted with water, will efficiently and economically remove oxides and smut from aluminum and many of its alloys including some casting alloys. It contains nitric and fluoride.

Aluminum Zincate
KIMYA Alumabond Zincate Process is a treatment for aluminum and its alloys which enables many different electrodeposits to be applied directly without use of a brass or copper strike on parts. The process is simple and economical to operate and has the advantage of improved adhesion and corrosion resistance over conventional zincate processes.

KIMYA Specialty Products

KIMYA KI 22 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor primarily designed to inhibit the attack of hydrochloric acid (HCL) on iron and steel surfaces when used during various industrial cleaning operations. The product remains stable when added to high concentrations of HCL acid from room temperature up to 212ºF.

KIMYA RINSAIDE J is a liquid additive used in the final rinse tank preceding the final HOT rinse. It aids in removing water by making the surface water repellent after the last rinse. It helps in many cases to prevent spotting out and has mild rust inhibiting action on bare steel.

Kimya KW 114 D is a water-soluble, fast-drying, hard wax finish for most substrates, especially phosphated surfaces.

Technical Data Sheets and MSDS sheets are available for all KIMYA Products materials upon request.

Revised February 16,2012

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